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The general dental seminars have been designed to offer a safe academic atmosphere in which to explore ways to protect your patients from the parafunctional forces that can be destructive to the entire craniomandibular cervical complex, including the destruction of the very dentistry that you provide.  The term “diagnostically driven therapy” is not just given lip service but taken seriously!  These courses are extremely valuable and will not only effect each and every patient you evaluate and treat, but also has the potential to make your practice of dentistry more rewarding and potentially less frustrating.  Dr. Glassman deals HEAD ON with the concept of “perfection” as well as the many myths we “believe” to be be true.

The dental sleep medicine seminar series not only teaches the basic evidenced based science of sleep medicine, but also, with an eye toward the ever changing world of health care distribution, fully preparing you for the difficult implementation of dental sleep medicine into your general dental practice.  Together with Dr. John Viviano who operates a facility that is accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, a totally no biased, non commercial approach is taught.  Both Drs. Glassman and Viviano are committed to assuring their attendees a comprehensive and evidenced based approach.  You will have many choices, from a one day introduction (taught by Dr. Viviano,) two a two or four day more comprehensive opportunity,  Not sure what is best for you?  No problem… just email Dr. Glassman (which could lead to a phone call) and find out for sure what would be your best option.  

After teaching this seminar series for over 15 years, Dr. Glassman has announced an altered schedule for 2019-2020  There will be courses taught with Dr. John Viviano in Dental Sleep Medicine and also Dr. Glassman will be teaching his popular, life changing TMD and Occlusion course in Toronto again this year.  We have added a somewhat more intensive Orofacial Pain and Joint Dysfunction Diagnosis and Treatment course with Dr. Steve Scrivani!  This course was taught last year for the first time and it was well received.  We continue to communicate with those who took the course and are thrilled with their implementation of the concepts.    

Of course, there will be additional lectures and courses given, and they are listed in the Guest Presentations Section.

Dr. Glassman will be dedicating the bulk of his time to reading and writing.  Dr. Glassman plans to complete the writing of his book that he is co-authoring with Dr. Micah Sadigh.  The book explores the myths of dentistry that have been passed down through the ages and delves deeply into the damage these myths do to both us as professionals and ultimately to our patients.  Occlusion and TMD have become controversial subjects for no good reason.  Dr. Sadigh’s and Dr. Glassman’s book will review how and why this happened, and at the same time look closely at our dental education and how the process has negatively affected so many in the profession.

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  • Practical TMD and Occlusion for the General Dentist


June 21, 2019   Sheffield, England  (One Day)

June 27, 28   London England 

September 13-14, 2019   Toronto, Canada

January 17,18  Toronto, Canada    with Dr. Steve Scrivani

Information and Registration for these courses in Practical TMD and Occlusion/Bruxism



Take back valuable information to immediately and positively impact your practice and patient health immediately.  Dr. Glassman refers to the “tortuous path” his CE took him to arrive at truths that have positively effected his outlook on dentistry, his relationships with patients, and occlusal concepts and sleep medicine concepts that eliminate the “myths.” Teaching these concepts  helps attendees in their lives and in their daily practices immediately.



Explore ways to assure that the science guides the “art” of clinical dentistry.  While we are no better than the science, we know that practicing only evidenced based dentistry will hand cuff us and not allow for comprehensive therapy.  Science without art is ineffective; art without science is practicing voodoo.  Learning to balance the two to make informed risk benefit decisions is the key to successful, fulfilling dentistry in the fields of dental sleep medicine, and general dentistry adding appropriate occlusal, joint and muscle concepts to everyday practice.



Understand not just the importance of occlusal concepts but also the more important concept of when they matter.

Conquer the pain/restorative disconnect and simplify therapy.

Learn the truth about Dental Sleep Medicine. It is not simply the science that is taught, but the critically important model change that is required to implement sleep medicine successfully.   This honest and real approach increases the likelihood of your success by not sugarcoating the potential, but clearly reviewing ALL the challenges that face dentistry as it moves into sleep medicine.



Benefit from Dr. Glassman’s unique style and advanced training by educational experts. Embrace the small class settings which put the emphasis on you and create a safe learning environment.  Gain from the post course support.



Your attendance makes you a member of Dr. Glassman’s academic family.  Dr. Glassman will make every attempt to respond to your questions about concepts or individual patient issues via email providing whenever possible  timely answers to specific questions and patient care support.

There will be links given that provide you not with simply the abstracts, but the literature that supports the science you are taught, as well as folders with case reports, sample office forms, patient and referral letters, etc.