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I was extremely impressed with Dr. Glassman’s presentation of the current science of oral appliances for the treatment of sleep breathing disorders. This course examines the disorder from aetiology through diagnosis and medical options in a way that most “appliance” courses don’t investigate. In House: Many courses offer a select view of one case for the purpose of the presenter’s slide show. The in house course allows participants an opportunity to see how Dr. Glassman’s practice actually runs on a patient-to-patient basis. Although it seems obvious, the benefits of seeing the inner workings of a practice greatly eclipses the selected glimpses one gets from a lecture format. ABC’s of TMD: Before meeting Dr. Glassman, I would have said that “TMD” was overwhelming and confusing. This course put diagnosis and patient care first with emphasis on the science to guide patient treatment. Finally, the disorders that surround the temporomandibular joint were put into perspective. I took Barry’s sleep and in-house pain class when I 1st started providing services in these areas in 2004. I found Barry’s classes to be straight forward and practical. He also helped me in how to think as I consider each patient and their concerns and symptoms. My practice is limited to orofacial/ craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine and I continue to use the principles Barry taught me in 2004. Dr. John Vander Woff
I would highly recommend Dr. Barry Glassman’s seminars to any dentist interested in sleep medicine, beginning or advanced. I have taken both programs and spent a day observing him treat patients. He is one of the most passionate and dynamic speakers in dentistry today and practices what he preaches. His programs are packed with valuable information and protocols that you will be able to implement as soon as you return to your office without the need to purchase expensive equipment. Jay A. Nelson, DMD, FAGD
This was my fourth intro course in dental sleep medicine. If this were my first, it would have been my last. Great course. Great instructor – passionate; enthusiastic; comprehensive. Wonderful program. Well Presented. Great material and a great in office experience. Dr. Ron Murstein, Florida
The viewing day was a great way to start the program. Down to earth; transparent, Barry is obviously knowledgeable and humorous. This program will propel me into action. The small group setting and the ability to ask questions and get no nonsence truthful answers made this seminar outstanding. I need to send my son to the “occlusion: course! Dr. Bill Bucher, Kansas City


I was fortunate that I had the opportunity to take Barry’s course this past weekend as I really think it was the best CE I have ever taken.

For the past few months i had a few patients who asked me about oral appliance for sleep apnea as they couldn’t tolerate the CPAP machine. I realized that before I actually start making these appliances for my patients and charge them some money for it, I really should learn the science of it and understand how to do it right. So I did my research and decided to take Barry’s class. So glad I did!!!!

Yes, this past weekend I definitely learned about sleep apnea, oral appliance, etc and I got all the information I need so that I feel comfortable to start treating patients’ sleep apnea problem with oral appliance. Yet, more importantly, after the course I feel that i learned how to become a better health care provider, or even a better person overall.

Barry is extremely knowledgeable about dental sleep medicine and no one will argue that. What inspires me more was his humbleness, honesty, and passion for his profession, teaching, and just people in general.

I definitely look forward to taking more of his CE in the future.    Dr. Edmund Liu, Clarksburg, MD

TMD and Occlusion Testimonials


“It is very nice to find a TMD and Occlusion course that makes down to earth real world sense.”

– Jonas McCall DDS Muskogee Oklahoma USA


“Excellent course. Refreshingly honest, educational and enlightening. Barry was fantastic, inviting and a great educator. He speaks with passion, enthusiasm and honesty. Fantastic, would love to take more courses with you all.”

– Arti Patel DDS Oakville Ontario Canada


“Never cease to learn something new when I attend Barry’s lectures.”

– Jacques Hebert DDS Longueuil, Quebec, Canada


“This was the most thorough and honest discussion on TMD therapy I have attended in my 40 years in Dentistry. This “Myth Busting” lecture should be REQUIRED LEARNING for anyone who picks up a dental hand piece.”

– Greg Ceraso DMD West Des Moines Iowa, USA


“This Course is packed full of practical information that may be applied in my office to patients immediately. Dr. Glassman is passionate in the delivery of his knowledge about TMD and Occlusion for the improvement of our patients and profession.”

– Lynn Stine DDS Vincennes, Indiana, USA


“Great Info. Helps fill in the voids and answers some of the questions I’ve had and challenges I’ve run into with my current protocol.”

– Lynn Bazarin MSc DDS Whitby, Ontario, Canada


“I have a better understanding of Temporo-mandibular joint function than I did in dental school thanks to Dr. Barry Glassman’s no-nonsense, practical, evidence based approach to this topic. Thank You!”

– Sean Robertson DDS Paris, Ontario, Canada


“Relevant information for the general dentist delivered in an entertaining, thought provoking manner”

– Steve Koczerginski DDS Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“Changed everything I thought I knew about TMJ and Occlusion for the better”

– Kevin Campbell DDS Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


4 Day Mini Residency Testimonials


“I have taken many courses on sleep in the past 5 years. This is the best by far. Very comprehensive, knowledgeable instructors with lots of experience.”

Michel Fancelli DDS – Longueuil, Quebec, Canada


“This course makes you totally qualified to treat OSA by giving you both knowledge and practical hands-on about OSA appliances. A must course for all dentists!! If you care for your patients!! It gives you all the confidence, knowledge and Hands-on needed.”

Joseph Alaby DDS – Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada


“This is my third time taking a multi-day course on Sleep Apnea. This one, by Dr. Viviano, is by far the most thorough, most science based, most up to date,  most implemental course I’ve taken. Thank you for all the knowledge!”

Yamen Ghamian DDS – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


“I feel confident that I can implement a sleep dentistry program in my office after attending this residency and I have zero experience prior to attending.”

Shawn Van De Vyver DDS – Royal Oak , MI, USA


“I was unsure about committing to a 4 day Mini Residency on sleep dentistry initially. This course far surpassed my expectations! Dr. Viviano presented a thorough course complete with detailed forms and information to help implement this modality into my practice immediately.”

Gary Klein DDS – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“Very engaging speaker. Course content is so relevant to any general practice and will allow you to offer sleep dentistry to your patients immediately.”

Janice Lee DDS – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


“An intense, thorough education and training about an undertreated and growing health crisis. Dr. Viviano’s passion and depth of knowledge was enthusiastically delivered. I learned more than I bargained for. I highly recommend this course.”

Steve Rosenblat DDS – Oakville, Ontario, Canada


“My expectations were exceeded with this course. There was so much valuable information presented and so many resources were provided for me to bring home. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, generous and comprehensive. I feel ready to begin helping my patients right away.”

Carrie Pumphrey DDS – Shelbyville, Indiana, USA


Advanced Pain and Sleep with Drs. Glassman and Scrivani


I really do love how the sessions become shaped as we go in response to attendee questions and interests. I absolutely enjoy the feeling of being immersed in academic and science based discussions


Lin Raimundo HBSc, MSc, PhD, DDS

Parry Sound, Ontario Canada


Great program, I always learn so much when I attend these seminars!


Paulette Pillersdorf DDS

Unionville, Ontario, Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed hearing and learning about a topic totally relevant to our profession from two knowledgeable and entertaining speakers. John, Elaine and Callie make us feel at home.


Richard Styka BSc DDS

Toronto, Ontario, Canada