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Dr. Glassman, a clinical instructor responsible for teaching craniomandibular concepts, risk management, and dental sleep medicine to the general dental residents of three hospitals, practiced general dentistry for thirty years before limiting his practice to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, joint dysfunction, and the treatment of sleep disturbed breathing disorders.  His theatrical background and energetic style has made him a popular international speaker who has had profound impact on our profession.  The courses incorporate evidenced based material and practice management concepts that have the potential to dramatically improve your practice and the quality of life for your patients.

Dr. Barry Glassman was graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1973. After a stint in the United States Army, he began a journey to learn how we, as dentists, could help our patients who suffered pain and/or joint dysfunction. His sometimes tortuous path through continuing education experiences began with Niles Guchet, continued to the office of Harold Gelb, and hit a temporary destination with a tour through neuromuscular training with BioRESEARCH. Finally, having his fill of the “kool aid” approach to each ideology, he took the path less traveled by and decided to study the science and determine the true role of occlusion, as well as the exciting role of dentistry, in sleep medicine.  Unshackled by the mythology, he began to understand that occlusion matters when teeth are occluding, and that even continuous teaching of a myth cannot make that myth a reality. He began talking about the key role of parafunction as opposed to function.  He became a leader in dental sleep medicine and is often hailed as a key decision maker.



The first program EVER that combines the BEST course in the science of dental sleep medicine with a practice model that insures nearly unlimited numbers of patients.

Level ONE, the basic introductory course to Dental Sleep Medicine, has become well known as the best introductory course available.  The course, now part of the Dental Sleep Masters Series, gives the dentist the introduction to the practice mode that can finally provide a process that conquers the challenges created by poor patient communications at the diagnostic levels and physician bias concerning the use of oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea.  Yes, we will teach the traditional concepts of practice management, but the exciting, new, and unique Dental Sleep Masters option will be introduced. 


Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine

Level 1

FEES:  Dentist:  $1885  (includes appliance and hands on insertions and bite registrations)

             Staff: $685

Note:  All required and helpful forms, relevant literature, opportunity for ambulatory testing, three month complimentary forum access, discounts for lab and billing company option, and introduction to the Dental Sleep Masters Program included)


This is a two-day course to prepare you for immediate immersion of your practice into dental sleep medicine.  The strength of the course is its focus on the challenges that the dentist faces in this exciting field that can provide great diversity to your practice and your day in the office.  Not only is the science of dental sleep medicine taught in an innovative and exciting way, but the challenges of implementation in dentistry and how to coordinate our care with medicine are faced head on with honest and direct solutions.   You may also have the unique opportunity to experience an ambulatory on the first night.


The course will include an introduction to the Dental Sleep Masters Practice Model.  Following this course, you will be prepared to not only begin treating patients in your office immediately, but be guided in the steps required to place your practice in a position to fully implement this exciting model.

This two-day course is designed to teach the dentist the principles of sleep medicine and the role of the dentist on the sleep medicine team (12 Hours CE credit). Dr. Glassman has become well recognized not only for his experience in dental sleep medicine, but for his unique teaching style that makes learning this entirely new subject matter exciting and enjoyable. The course is appropriate for the dentist AND his staff. This no nonsense approach to dental sleep medicine, minus all the dental myths that are often associated with it, leads to the potential to begin therapy without the purchase of ANY irrelevant “instrumentation” that is often associated with entrance into this critical field. Participants should be able to return to their offices fully equipped to begin to add sleep dentistry to their practices. All aspects of oral appliance therapy, handling of side effects, as well as the basics of sleep medicine including sleep architecture, snoring, UARS, apnea, and polysomnias, will be reviewed. An entire section is devoted to  occlusion and bruxism, a sleep movement disorder. This allows us to put dental sleep medicine and the possible side effects into proper perspective as the crucial risk/benefit decision-making is made with our patients. It will also help you to treat your patients with joint dysfunction and pain as a result of bruxism.

The purpose of this seminar is to teach the basic principles of sleep medicine and give you the tools to become a valuable part of the Sleep Medicine Team. In addition to sleep medicine principles, you will learn the role of oral appliance therapy in sleep medicine. You will learn how to connect with the sleep doctors and sleep laboratories in your area, and how to become an integral part of the sleep medicine team by not competing with the sleep centers but instead providing them with a desperately needed alternative treatment to CPAP.

A practice management module will help you implement these procedures and insurance concepts into your practice. Most exciting, the learning curve is such that all attendees can fully expect to be ready to go back to their offices and immediately become involved with sleep dentistry. The entire tuition can be recovered by treating only two patients.  In addition, of course, the Dental Sleep Masters model, a method to have nearly unlimited sleep patients and potentially change the very nature of your practice, will be introduced.

The syllabus includes the following: an introduction to dental sleep medicine, including the challenges facing the dentist while treating this medical disorder in coordination with the sleep physician and medical team; basic sleep principles; sleep disorders including sleep disturbed breathing; diagnosis of sleep disturbed breathing; how to screen patients; epidemiology and comorbid conditions; understanding sleep disturbed breathing as part of the metabolic syndrome as opposed to purely a mechanical obstruction; treatment options with emphasis on oral appliance therapy; practice management and management of side effects of oral appliance therapy





Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine 



FEES:  Dentist:  $1995

             Staff: $995



This very exciting addition to the Course Series offered by Dr. Barry Glassman Seminars provides an opportunity to the dentist who wants to continue his learning experience in dental sleep medicine.


This is a two-day advanced course given once or twice a year.  There will be a short review of sleep medicine principles, as well as a summary of new developments in sleep medicine, followed by an intricate and intense section on practice management, dealing with individual stumbling blocks that each attendee may have encountered.  This section will address internal practice management and staff issues, as well as the difficulties of coordinating care with our medical colleagues.   There will be an “implementation” section during which the practice of dental sleep medicine will be dissected from the initial visit to the insertion of appliances, including the use of ambulatory studies to guide titration.  This advanced course delves into handling untoward side effects including muscle, joint and ligament insertion injuries, as well as occlusal and mandibular changes .  Diagnosis, management and prevention of these untoward effects will be covered in detail. Presentations of complicated cases that involve side effects or difficult resolutions well be presented, and each attendee is invited to bring a case (or cases) to review. There is an in-depth section on bruxism and parafunctional control, as well a section on the relationship between pain and sleep. There will be an extensive review of current literature and a section on how to read and interpret ambulatory studies.



This course serves as an excellent “refresher course” and then probes more deeply into the practice of Dental Sleep Medicine.







FEES:  Dentist:  $2595

             Staff: $1195


Note:  The First Day of the Course is taught by Dr. Glassman and reviews pain management and joint dysfunction issues in depth.  This can be taken separately.

Days Two and Three are taught with Sarasota Prosthodontist and expert teacher, Dr. Howard Chasolen.  The option exists to attend these two days only.  These days emphasize the role of occlusion and occluding in pain and dysfunction as well as an in depth evaluation of the role of occlusion in restorative treatment planning in every day dentistry.


We have developed a three-day option that is perfect to explore the evidence, answer all of your questions, and inspire you to step out of the mythical box of the past and into the realistic treatments of the future. Although Day One is optional, we highly recommend it to those of you who want to make this course one of the most meaningful experiences you will ever have

How many of us have dealt with a patient’s specific complaint of dental pain in the absence of dental disease?  How often have we heard complaints of pain that doesn’t follow the concepts of the acute pain patterns we are trained to diagnose and treat?  And as importantly, how often in our careers have we faced a patient with a positive occlusal sense or some degree of occlusal neuroticism?

Over the span of the three days, we will explore these issues and so many more. You will learn how to diagnose and treat internal derangements in nonsurgical, conservative terms.  We hope to eliminate the frustration of sending these patients to oral surgeons, many of whom are not trained in conservative therapies or sending them to self-anointed “TMJ” experts who often suggest massive dental “phase II” treatment plans.

At the end of the first day, you will have a greater understanding of joint dysfunction and pain and be much more comfortable diagnosing and offering conservative treatment.  In the next two days, you will further explore occlusal concepts and their implementation, as well as being taught  sound and predictable restorative procedures from a true expert prosthodontist and teacher in Dr. Howard Chasolen.

The complete three day course is designed to provide information to the general dentist to help clarify many of the misconceptions taught as myths and to provide the ability to implement the reality of occlusion into your every day restorative therapy.