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Dental Sleep Masters Business Model

August 15 – 16, 2015 Dental Sleep Masters Business Model  Allentown, PA- Register

Dental Sleep Masters Business Model

Level III Dental Sleep Medicine


The Dental Sleep Medicine Practice Model is like no other.


It is well known that the current practice model in sleep has a cumbersome diagnostic process and an even more cumbersome treatment regimen.  Despite the increase in awareness of obstructive sleep disorders, there has been no change in the percentage of patients with OSA who remain undiagnosed.  In addition, we are well aware that physician bias often prevents patients receiving oral appliance therapy when it may be appropriate.


This course reviews of the problems with the current sleep model and how to resolve them to create a significant change in your dental sleep practice.  This vetted model is fully described in detail in this two day course taught by both Dr. Barry Glassman and Dr. Avi Weisfogel.


The Dental Sleep Masters Practice Model has identified the problems in the current model and resolves them.  The most important feature of the Practice Model is that every heath care practitioner benefits from the system and the patients who need to be identified most – those with significant cardiovascular and other co-morbidities – are the very ones identified and given an easier path through diagnosis and treatment.


Problems identified:


  1. Patients are not regularly screened to be identified an likely to have OSA.
  2. Patients are not educated and motivated to proceed through a polymomnogram procedure
  3. Patients are not aware of the correlation of their potential sleep disorder to their health
  4. Patients have heard about or tried CPAP and have decided they don’t want to be tested as this would be the first step towards CPAP recommendations
  5. Patients are not aware of the potential for Oral Appliance Therapy as an alternative to CPAP



The Level III program, taught by Dr. Avi Weisfogel aided by Dr. Barry Glassman, teaches STEP by STEP the Practice Model that has solutions to all the above problems… and more.


THIS LEVEL III COURSE is a requirement for all elites, and is available to non-elites as well.  Of course, the elites have the fantastic advantage of massive support following the course.  NON ELITES who take the course are given access to the ELITE FORUM where certain questions will be answered.




This LEVEL III course will cover:


  1. The Basics of the Dental Sleep Masters Practice Model
  2. Formation of your own SLEEP COMPANY LLC
  3. Hiring of the Sleep Coordinator
  4. Training of the Sleep Coordinator
  5. How to consult with physicians – how to choose which physicians to consult
  6. The Physician Contract
  7. Inter-office communication
  8. Your role with the physician’s office post contract
  9. Taking advantage of the Discounts Available through the Dental Sleep Masters Program

10.Staff training and handling the patient load including using the billing company provided through the Dental Sleep Masters Program

And MUCH MUCH more.



The Dental Sleep Masters Program is unique and can change the nature of your practice forever.


Don’t hesitate to write to ask any questions about the program.





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