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In-House At the Allentown Sleep and Pain Center


This is a full day at the Allentown Sleep and Pain Center observing Dr. Glassman and his entire staff in full operational mode.  You will observe new patient consults, see ambulatory studies being distributed, observe the working of the staff and the front office, as well as have an opportunity to discuss each patient’s diagnosis and plan of treatment.  Treating sleep, and in this case chronic pain and joint dysfunction, truly requires a total change in many of the daily systems used by the office, as well as, of course, a model change in the mental approach in terms of setting realistic patient and staff expectations.


The goal of the Dental Sleep Masters program is to prepare you and your staffs for success, and there is nothing more important to your success than the ability to alter your systems to deal with sleep medicine with confidence and with ease.  The most common cause of failure, which is indeed common, is the failure to recognize the importance of making these changes, and there is no better way to understand these changes that are required than to observe them.


 Most dentists who have taken advantage of this viewing day have said that it is the most valuable day in sleep medicine they have experienced to date.


NOTE:  This option is only available to those who are taking the Level 1 (or if offered, the Level 3) Course prior to the viewing day.   You will receive the code to qualify for the viewing day upon your registration of the course(s) that are the prerequisite for this one.  Only the first ten who apply will be registered.  This viewing day is for doctors only.  If you are not among the first ten, contact DSM and plans can be made to register for another viewing day.


August 17, 2015

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October 21, 2015