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Dr. Glassman often speaks for various meetings and dental societies that are not registered here on this site.  If there is interest in learning more about these presentation, don’t hesitate to contact the sponsor directly.

Eliminating Myths in Occlusion and Bruxism      May 3-4, 2019

McGill University Continuing Dental CE Program,  Montreal, Canada

Faculty of Dentistry
2001 McGill College Avenue
Room 102 (first floor)
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1G1

Eliminating Myths in Occlusion and Bruxism/ Information and Registration

Program Summary

In the current dental practice environment, dentists are faced with more stringent infection control guidelines imposed by licensing bodies as well as with patients who have a greater awareness of the risks of infectious disease transmission inherent to dental treatment. As a result, dentists must be able to apply complex policies and practices in order to promote a safe and professional treatment environment that not only complies with regulatory bodies and inspires patient confidence but is practical and financially sustainable.
This course will present the core concepts that are the keys to the development of any dental infection prevention and control program. The material, in the form of solutions to frequently-asked questions and concerns submitted by attendees prior to the course, will be presented in an interactive fashion that encourages group participation and problem solving.

Course Objectives

  • Objectively evaluate occlusal schemes and consider how force vectors may influence the health of the component parts of the cerivco-craniomandibular system.
  • Design an appliance for either night time or day time wear that is appropriate for their unique patient to alter parafunctional force vectors
  • Analyze occlusion after restorative procedures decreasing the likelihood of increasing patient’s awareness of his or her own occlusions.
  • Explain how bruxism can negatively affect joint function or cause orofacial pain and design appliances to control those forces
  • Distinguish between true joint dysfunction and pain, and extracapsular pain patterns
  • Explain to patients who are over concerned about their occlusion how to deal with their concerns






June 21, 2019   S4S Laboratory, Sheffield, England    (ONE DAY COURSE)

June 27, 28, 2019

S4S Presentation: British Dental Association

London, England 

Occlusion and Occluding:  The Role of Parafunctional Control in Pain Management and Joint Dysfunction 



 Splint Therapy, Occlusion and TMD Seminars/S4S/Dr. Barry Glassman/ Information and Registration

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