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Dental Sleep Overview


This is a two-day course designed to teach the dentist the principles of sleep medicine and the role of the dentist on the sleep medicine team (16 Hours CE credit).Dr. Glassman has become well recognized not only for his experience in dental sleep medicine, but for his unique teaching style that makes learning this entirely new subject matter exciting and enjoyable. The course is appropriate for the dentist AND his staff. This no nonsense approach to dental sleep medicine minus all the dental myths that are often associated with it, leads to the potential to begin therapy without the purchase of ANY irrelevant “instrumentation” that is often associated with entrance into this critical field.Participants should be able to return to their offices fully equipped to begin to add sleep dentistry to their practices. All aspects of oral appliance therapy, handling of side effects, as well as the basics of sleep medicine including sleep architecture, snoring, UARS, apnea, and polysomnias, will be reviewed. A hands-on portion bite registration techniques as well as appliance insertion is included. An additional office-viewing day is available at a nominal fee.There is an entire section on occlusion and bruxism, a sleep movement disorder. This allows us to put dental sleep medicine and the possible side effects in proper perspective as the crucial risk/benefit decision-making is made with our patients. It will also help you treat your patients with joint dysfunction and pain as a result of bruxism.The purpose of this seminar is to teach the basic principles of sleep medicine and give you the tools to become a valuable part of the Sleep Medicine Team. In addition to sleep medicine principles, you will learn the role of oral appliance therapy in sleep medicine. You will learn how to connect with the sleep doctors and sleep laboratories in your area, and how to become an integral part of the sleep medicine team by not competing with the sleep centers but instead providing them with an alternative treatment to CPAP, which is so universally needed.A practice management module will help you implement these procedures and insurance concepts into your practice. Most exciting, the learning curve is such that all attendees can fully expect to be ready to go back to their offices and become involved with sleep dentistry immediately. The entire tuition can be recovered by treating only two patients.

  • Teaching will include the use of ambulatory studies. Participants can choose to be tested themselves.
  • Participants who send in appropriate records before the course will have an appliance made for them to have inserted by other attendees during the hands on portion.
  • Participants are given memory sticks with office forms, sample letters, important relevant literature and the entire power point used during the course.
  • Included in the course is a Three Month free registration to the Dr. Barry Glassman’s forum, where post course questions can be readily submitted and answered.

The syllabus includes an introduction to dental sleep medicine including the challenges facing the dentist while treating this medical disorder in coordination with the sleep physician and medical team; basic sleep principles; sleep disorders including sleep disturbed breathing; diagnosis of sleep disturbed breathing; how to screen patients; epidemiology and comorbid conditions; understanding sleep disturbed breathing as part of the metabolic syndrome as opposed to purely a mechanical obstruction; treatment options with emphasis on oral appliance therapy; practice management and management of side effects of oral appliance therapy.

The first seven doctors to register will have the option to come a day early and observe in-house patient care at a nominal fee. You will observe chronic pain and TM joint dysfunction patients as well as those with obstructive sleep disorders.

Seminar Fee: Dentist $1,885 | Staff $485 ea (with Dentist)

Course Days: 2

CE Credits: 16

Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine

This very exciting addition to the Course Series offered by Dr. Barry Glassman Seminars provides an opportunity to the dentist who wants to continue his learning experience in dental sleep medicine..

This is a two day advanced course given once a year.  There will be a short review of sleep medicine principles, as well as a summary of new developments in sleep medicine, followed by an intricate and intense section on practice management, dealing with individual stumbling blocks that each attendee may have encountered.  This section will address internal practice management and staff issues , as well as the difficulties of coordinating care with our medical colleagues.   There will be an “implementation” section during which the practice of dental sleep medicine will be dissected from the initial visit to the insertion of appliances, and including the use of ambulatory studies to guide titration. This advanced course goes deeply into handling untoward side effects including muscle, joint and ligament insertion injuries,  in depth evaluation of occlusal and mandibular changes in terms of prevention, and managing these occlusal changes when they indeed occur. Case presentations of more complicated cases that involve side effects or difficult resolutions will be presented, and each attendee is invited to bring a case (or cases) to review. There is an in depth section on bruxism and parafunctional control, as well a section on the relationship between pain and sleep. There will be an extensive review of current literature and a section on how to read and interpret ambulatory studies.

PRIOR TO THE COURSE ALL ATTENDEES WILL RECEIVE CURRENT LIT AND A “PRE-TEST.”   Each attendee will present one of the papers that leads to open discussion.  In addition, there is a 50 question “test” that should be taken prior to the course.  This test is kept by you and used for discussion near the end of the course.  This is of course for educational purposes only, and provides an excellent format for discussion and learning.

As with all of our courses here in Allentown, there will be the special opportunity to arrive a day before the course and spend the day at the Allentown Pain Center with Dr. Glassman and his staff treating patients with sleep disorders as well as those with chronic pain, headache, and joint dysfunction.

This course provides an excellent opportunity to serve as a “refresher” course while probing more deeply into the practice of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Note: This course is only recommended for very motivated staff members who have had some previous dental sleep education.  This course is only recommended for those practitioners who are already practicing dental sleep medicine.

Seminar Fee: Dentist $1,185 | Staff $485 ea (with Dentist)

Course Days: 2

CE Credits: 16

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