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Advanced In-House Training Course


This course is designed to be flexible and fit the needs of the Doctor.  The course is to be arranged privately from a series of potential dates.  The choices are the following:

  1. Three or Four Day
  2. With ONE other office; or Private
  3. With or without up to two staff members

The course actually starts Sunday afternoon with a late lunch meeting and “lecture.”  This goes right to our dinner meeting where we continue to outline the concepts that guide our diagnostic and therapeutic protocol.

We arrive at the office early in the morning to review the upcoming schedule.  Each patient is evaluated and treated, and discussed briefly at the end of each visit.

At the end of each day there is a review of the day, and a discussion relevant to pain control, joint dysfunction therapy, and sleep.

All office dental forms used in our office are given to the attending Doctor for their adaption in his or her office.  There is a complimentary one year membership to our forum for a year, which provides a means to have questions answered quickly by our forum members as well as Dr. Glassman.  On the forum is valuable literature which can be readily downloaded, but much of that literature will be provided to the doctor on the memory stick with the office forms.  That memory stick will of course be personalized and added to as the week proceeds.

This is an intense four or five day experience.  It is advisable to consider bringing KEY staff; possibly one assistant and one from your front office to learn insurance and new patient procedures.  You will be trained in:

  1. New Patient Interviews and Examination
  2. Appliance Design and Concepts
  3. Other key diagnostic procedures (including Joint Vibration Analysis)
  4. Plan of Treatment Concepts
  5. Patient Management
  6. Record Keeping
  7. How to Train and Utilize Staff
  8. Front Office Procedures
  9.  i.     a.New Patient Phone Calls
  10.  ii.    b.Insurance and Collection
  11.  iii.  c.Letters and Transcription
  12. a.Pharmacotherapy
  13.  v.  b.Injection therapy
  14. c.Iontophoresis
  15. d.Pulsed Stimulation Therapy
  16. e.Spray and Stretch Therapy
  17.  ix.  f.Management of Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Disturbed Breathing
  18.   x.   g.Management of complications of Oral Appliance Therapy
  19.  xi.   h.Use of Ambulatory Studies for Guiding Titration of OAT
  20. i.Practice Management and Referral
  21. Treatment Modalities

Please call Angela directly to discuss this course. If you are interested in taking it with another office, then we will put you on the list as we try to coordinate dates. If you would like to take it personally, then dates can be immediately chosen.


Option 1

Seminar Fee: Dentist $5,485 | Staff $875 ea (with Dentist) (max of 2)

Course Days: 3 – 1/2


Option 2

Seminar Fee: Dentist $6,250 | Staff $925 ea (with Dentist) (max of 2)

Course Days: 4 – 1/2

Note: This course can be arranged to be completed with another office thus lowering fees. Scheduling options are limited. If interested, please contact us.