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2016 Seminars


Glassman Seminars 2016 Course Schedule

The routine courses given by Dr. Barry Glassman were altered over the past year as a result of his involvement with the Dental Sleep Masters Program.

Dr. Glassman is no longer associated with Dental Sleep Masters, and as a result Dr. Barry Glassman Seminars has announced an abbreviated course schedule for 2016.

Dr. Glassman’s courses, which are well known for their completeness, their evidenced based content, their enjoyable delivery, and distributed materials that include not only the forms that are helpful to develop dental sleep medicine in your practice but all the relevant literature that supports the clinical science, will again be offered this year.

The sleep medicine courses are offered in Allentown.  The following are the advantages of this venue:

  1. 1. The brand new Renaissance Hotel in Allentown is both modern and cost effective.
  2. 2. A viewing day is available at the Allentown Sleep and Pain Center the day before the course.  This full day of observation has tremendous value to those who want to incorporate sleep into their practices.
  3. 3. A hands-on portion is included during which each participant not only inserts an appliance, but also has an appliance inserted.
  4. 4. The course provides excellent material for not only the doctor but also for staff members who will be participating in providing clinical services for patients.
  5. 5. The Level II course is an excellent follow-up for any doctor who is currently practicing at some significant level in dental sleep.

The dates of the courses are as follows:

LEVEL ONE:  Introduction

May 13-14, 2016

October 14-15, 2016

Level II:  Advanced Sleep

May 20-21, 2016

NOTE:  Registration for all courses will become available by March 29th. You can assure a spot in these limited-sized courses by emailing your interest to


Please put the word “Registration” in the subject and include the number of people who would be interested in attending.

You will be contacted when the site is ready for registration. Upon registration, you will be given detailed information as to how to send in models for the construction of your appliance (Intro course only).

NOTE:   The “Simplifying Occlusion” course, given with Dr. Howard Chasolen, is given at the Swan Hotel in Disney World on September 15 -17, 2016.

For information and registration of this course, go to