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Glassman Seminars 2017 Course Schedule


Dr. Glassman’s courses, which are well known for their completeness, their evidenced based content, their enjoyable delivery, and distributed materials that include not only the forms that are helpful to develop dental sleep medicine in your practice but all the relevant literature that supports the clinical science, will again be offered this year.


The sleep medicine courses this year are being offered at the Dental Future Center in Fort Washington, PA.  The following are the advantages of this venue:

1. The brand new facility is beautifully appointed and provides an excellent learning environment.

2. A viewing day is available at the Allentown Sleep and Pain Center the day before the course.  This full day of observation has tremendous value to those who want to incorporate sleep into their practices.

3. A hands-on portion is included during which each participant not only inserts an appliance, but also has an appliance inserted.

4. The course provides excellent material for not only the doctor but also for staff members who will be participating in providing clinical services for patients.

5. The Level II course is an excellent follow-up for any doctor who is currently practicing at some significant level in dental sleep.

The dates of the courses are as follows:

LEVEL ONE:  Introduction

March 3-4, 2017

September  8-9, 2017

Level II:  Advanced Sleep

October 6-7. 2017


Dr. Glassman’s courses are intimate courses that allow for learning depending on your learning needs. The small course setting allows for personal attention. Obviously, the hands on portion in The Allentown Pain and Sleep Center for the introduction course is critical to learning. Critically important as well is Dr. Glassman’s vast experience in the patterns of practice helping each participant determine their goals in adding sleep medicine to their practices and giving them practical approaches to reach those goals. Access to all supporting literature is made available to all participants as well.

The Advanced course is indeed unique and changes every year. The literature review is is kept current, and the discussions about the literature teach how to read and analyze literature in general. The course encourages deeper thought and looks deeply into the problems of the use if AHI as a “goal” in sleep medicine, and helps not only understand those issues but how to teach your local sleep docs why AHI is such a poor determinate of success. And much more.



Myth Busting Occlusion and TMD Concepts

June 16-17, 2017    Dental Future Center, Fort Washington, PA

July 13-14. 2017    British Dental Association, London, England

September 15-16, 2017     Dental Learning Center, Toronto, Canada


This is a CRITICAL COURSE ideal of ALL of dentistry. Yes, basic anatomy and physiology of the joints are taught and reviewed, but it will serve as a basic TMD course IDEAL for the general dentist. This practical course will address the TMD myths and allow us to be more specific in our diagnosis and treatment for patients with any orofacial pain that is not of dental origin. Many times our patients report dental pain that is not odontogentic, and this can create a real dilemma for the general dentist. This and other critically important issues about occlusion will be addressed head on, and each dentist will be in a better position to treat each and every patient each and every day.

Not only we the participants have a better grasp of occlusion for everyday dentistry, they will be able to help their patients in so many ways with vastly improved parafunctional control.



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