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2017 Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine Seminars




2018-2019  Dates and Locations Two Day Introduction Courses

4 Day Mini Residency Hands On Dental Sleep Medicine

November 29- December 2   2018

April 4 – April 7, 2019

There are NO 2 day introduction courses currently scheduled with Dr. Glassman.  There are one day introduction courses with Dr. Viviano for both the dentist and his team, and those dates can be noted by clicking the link below.     However, Dr. Glassman is teaching in a four day mini residency course offered in Toronto, Canada.  This is MORE than a replacement for the two day course.  This comprehensive course is recommended to those who have either started in sleep medicine and want to delve deeper — or for those who want to make a serious commitment  to starting correctly!  All the information below is in fact included in these four day courses taught with Dr. John Vivian0 — but of course so much more.  The Hands On portion is extended to include several appliances — all forms and useful tools are given to all those who attend.    Dr. John Remmers are there (either in person or via internet) as well to round out the teaching.  This is an incredible learning experience that has no more than 14 attendees!


Navigate back to home page and choose “Guest Presentations” under the Seminars tab for complete information.  All of the information included in the following description is included in the four day course…. and more.

This unique Introduction To Dental Sleep Medicine course has been well received and recognized for it’s comprehensiveness and excellence. This is the course that many of those teaching took to start their learning experience in dental sleep medicine. The course includes a HANDS-ON portion where clinical examinations, bite registrations and appliance insertions are included. Each attendee will receive a customized appliance inserted by a fellow attendee.

WHY CONSIDER THIS COURSE OVER ALL OF THE MANY COURSES GIVEN ON SLEEP MEDICINE?  Level ONE, the basic introductory course to Dental Sleep Medicine, has become well known as the best introductory course available.  This course gives the dentist the introduction to the practice mode that can finally provide a process that conquers the challenges created by poor patient communications at the diagnostic levels and physician bias concerning the use of oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea.  Yes, we will teach the traditional concepts in terms of the patterns of practice, but Dr. Glassman’s vast experience in practice management will be lead all attendees toward a path of implementation of the treatment of sleep disturbed breathing into their offices

1. Top notch education IN A GUARANTEED SMALL GROUP SETTING. The attendance for these courses are EXTREMELY limited– and your education will be personalized for you and your key staff members who attend.
2. Full Literature Support and future access to additional literature
3. Friday night ambulatory testing for any attendee (Watch Pat)
4.  Dr. Glassman’s recommendations is that NOTHING is purchased before it is deemed to be useful! You will NOT be required to make equipment purchases (other than for bite registrations) in order to start therapy on Monday morning!
5. Hands on bite registrations and appliance insertions
6. Six month of of follow up support which allows for questions to be answered promptly once you get back to you office!
7. The opportunity to have in office private mentorship at reduced rates
8. Discount codes for the advanced course
9. Evidenced based, non biased, high level education including an extensive section on bruxism, parafunctional control, and basic TMD for the general dentist
10. Guraranteed safe learning environment that is ideal for both the dentist who wants to refresh their basic concepts and the dentist who is taking their first course in dental sleep medicine.


Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine


This is a two-day course to prepare you for immediate immersion of your practice into dental sleep medicine.  The strength of the course is its focus on the challenges that the dentist faces in this exciting field that can provide great diversity to your practice and your day in the office.  Not only is the science of dental sleep medicine taught in an innovative and exciting way, but the challenges of implementation in dentistry and how to coordinate our care with medicine are faced head on with honest and direct solutions.   You may also have the unique opportunity to experience an ambulatory study on Friday night.

 This two-day course is designed to teach the dentist the principles of sleep medicine and the role of the dentist on the sleep medicine team (16 Hours CE credit). Dr. Glassman has become well recognized not only for his experience in dental sleep medicine, but for his unique teaching style that makes learning this entirely new subject matter exciting and enjoyable. The course is appropriate for the dentist AND his staff. This no nonsense approach to dental sleep medicine, minus all the dental myths that are often associated with it, leads to the potential to begin therapy without the purchase of ANY irrelevant “instrumentation” that is often associated with entrance into this critical field. Participants should be able to return to their offices fully equipped to begin to add sleep dentistry to their practices. All aspects of oral appliance therapy, handling of side effects, as well as the basics of sleep medicine including sleep architecture, snoring, UARS, apnea, and polysomnias, will be reviewed. An entire section is devoted to  occlusion and bruxism, a sleep movement disorder. This allows us to put dental sleep medicine and the possible side effects into proper perspective as the crucial risk/benefit decision-making is made with our patients. It will also help you to treat your patients with joint dysfunction and pain as a result of bruxism.

The purpose of this seminar is to teach the basic principles of sleep medicine and give you the tools to become a valuable part of the Sleep Medicine Team. In addition to sleep medicine principles, you will learn the role of oral appliance therapy in sleep medicine. You will learn how to connect with the sleep doctors and sleep laboratories in your area, and how to become an integral part of the sleep medicine team by not competing with the sleep centers but instead providing them with a desperately needed alternative treatment to CPAP.

A practice management module will help you implement these procedures and insurance concepts into your practice. Most exciting, the learning curve is such that all attendees can fully expect to be ready to go back to their offices and immediately become involved with sleep dentistry. The entire tuition can be recovered by treating only two patients.  

The syllabus includes the following: an introduction to dental sleep medicine, including the challenges facing the dentist while treating this medical disorder in coordination with the sleep physician and medical team; basic sleep principles; sleep disorders including sleep disturbed breathing; diagnosis of sleep disturbed breathing; how to screen patients; epidemiology and comorbid conditions; understanding sleep disturbed breathing as part of the metabolic syndrome as opposed to purely a mechanical obstruction; treatment options with emphasis on oral appliance therapy; practice management and management of side effects of oral appliance therapy.