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2013 Essential Courses for the General Dentist


Principles of Occlusion and Occluding

Learning to Control The Forces that Threaten Your Patient and the Dentistry You Do for Them


This is a two-day course and has been hailed by many as the most important continuing education course they have ever taken.  This is designed for the general dentist, and the principles taught will help you with every patient you see.  Yes, this is basic course in practical TMJ anatomy and physiology and TMJ dysfunction and chronic pain issues.  But the anatomy and physiology is practical, and the role of the joint as well as the role of muscle and its relationship to occlusion will be emphasized.  Diagnosis and treatment of these disorders emphasizing proper control of parafunction will be reviewed.

  • When do you treat an asymptomatic click?
  • What is the true relationship between restorative and pain concepts?
  • What does the evidence show us about the role of the Lateral Pterygoid in disk displacements?
  • What is the best design to protect our patient’s teeth in parafunction?
  • How can a parafunctional control appliance truly help our patients with jaw pain and headaches (and it is not by reducing “spasms” of the pterygoid or anterior temporalis!)
  • How critical are the terms “reproducibility” and “centric relation?”

Learn the myths of occlusion that you will find enlightening and exciting — things you know are true but we’re been told for years that weren’t….and they ARE!! This information is essential to all practicing dentists and will be immediately helpful in your daily practice. Learn an exciting new protocol using parafunctional control.  The various potentially confusing occlusal therapeutic concepts will be explored in detail.  Diagnostically drive therapy including splint therapy and supportive therapy will be reviewed.  The dentist’s role in headache therapy will be explored.

This course is designed to take the confusion out of this critical subject matter for the general dentist!


  • When occlusion matters – and more importantly; when it doesn’t!
  • Design of occlusal night guards explored – when to make them – and more importantly, when not to!
  • What is the most common cause of non compliance of night guards and how to avoid that problem
  • Why occlusal night guards can cause headaches and joint pain!
  • Practical anatomy and physiology of the joints and muscles – and why it matters!
  • Headache and migraine pathophysiology and treatment that can truly change some of your patient’s lives!
  • The myths of dentistry that never really made any sense anyway!
  • Learn what causes those nasty clicks; and what to do and when we need to do it!
  • What joint position should be considered when contemplating major dentistry – you’ll be surprised!
  • Practice management concepts that could change your life and help you enjoy dentistry even more!
  • And much more……This course is essentially lecture and it is advisable to bring essential treatment oriented staff.

Seminar Fee: Dentist $1,385 | Staff $325 ea (with Dentist) 

Course Days: 2 

CE Credits: 16

When given in Allentown, The first seven doctors to register will have the option to come a day early and observe in-house patient care at a nominal fee. You will observe chronic pain and TM joint dysfunction patients as well as those with obstructive sleep disorders.



April 5-6 (with viewing day on the 4th) Principles of Occlusion and Occluding Allentown, PA
July 26-27 (with viewing day on the 25th) Principles of Occlusion and Occluding Allentown, PA


Hotel Information for 2013The Dental Sleep Medicine courses, the Advanced Sleep course, and the Principles of Occlusion and Occluding courses are all being given at the Hyatt Place in Bethlehem, PA.There is a room block set up under “Dr. Glassman” for a room rate of $119 plus tax. Please be sure to mention the block name. The room block generally is held until 30 days before the course, please be sure to make your reservation well in advance to secure the discounted rate.

Hyatt Place Bethlehem
45 West North Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018
USAPhone: +1 610 625 0500
Fax: +1 610 625 0503

Maps & Directions to Hyatt Place Bethlehem The Hyatt offers shuttle service to and from the ABE Airport when arranged in advance. The options are to fly into one of three airports:

1. Philadelphia International (Drive is under 1.5 hours)
2. Newark Airport (Drive is 1.5 hours)
3. ABE Airport (20 minutes)

The hotel has workout facilities and free WiFi. It has limited dining facilities, but is located in an extremely excellent and quaint part of town with all types of dining within walking distance. Please feel free to contact Angela directly to work out any personal scheduling issues that she may be able to help you with.


The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast. There is a near by local restaurant (DARTOS) across the street from the hotel for a more complete breakfast selection. Lunches are provided. Cancellation Policy Please note that any cancellation 30 days or more prior to the start date of the course gives the attendee the choice for either a refund minus a one hundred dollar administrative fee, or the opportunity to leave the funds for full credit for a future course. After that date, all cancellations will result in no refund, but full credit for a future course will be given.